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Just Breathe


As a Yoga Instructor in Charleston, my intention is to assist your mind, body and spirit connect and develop through a personalized practice of pranayama and asana.  My classes focus on Gentle Flow, Yin and Restorative practice. I also provide private sessions for those interested in focusing on their own intentions or special needs, as well as Restorative and PreNatal extended sessions. Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?

Yoga Practice


A Life of Balance

I have been teaching yoga since 2003. My Yoga Alliance Certified (E-RYT500) training with Asheville Yoga Center has been the foundation of my practice. This foundation combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. By integrating body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness, I strive to promote an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in personal health and well-being.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.


Improving well-being is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment. My classes and private sessions provide an excellent opportunity to stretch your body and mind, but they’re also places to meet and share with other engaged and open-minded individuals. Check out my offerings of services and programs and join my community today.

"I recently took a Gentle Flow class with Diane. From the first hello, she was warm and accepting.  Her demeanor and instructions during class resonated with me as soothing, supportive and nurturing. The pace of movement and insightful words she chose led me gently into a very relaxed, calm and centered state of mind.  During class, the realization came to me that this is truly an hour offered to me for self love, encouraging the health and well-being of both my body and my mind.  I left the class feeling more in tune with my body and myself.  I recommend this class in order to enjoy the benefits of yoga both physically and emotionally."  ~ Cheryl U

My Home Studio Space


Private sessions are based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. Private sessions at Daniel Island Yoga with Diane will meet your personal needs from where you are and encourage you to take the journey into your own practice. If you have any physical needs, I will assist you in modifications; if you want to extend your practice, I will encourage you.  The personalized practice will coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind.


Classes for Every Body


Gentle Flow offers an opportunity to renew and refresh while following simple asana flows and breathing patterns. Flow helps build an awareness between the three elements of body, mind and breath. This flow centers around control and precision, with a diversity of asanas and modifications to suit a range of levels from beginner to advanced. 

Yin allows the body to open and relax within the postures enabling peace of mind and the ability to settle into the stillness.

Restorative provides a safe space with props and assistance to renew your mind and body.


Two Hours of Bolster Bliss


This 2-hour session focuses on Chakra Balancing with a series of supported restorative poses that calm the central nervous system. When we calm the mind and body, we give our body permission to be enriched.  As we move through each of the Chakras using imagery, color therapy, readings, gentle movement, mindful breathing, we can become meditative.  This session creates a feeling of peace and bliss within your body and mind.  Who doesn't need that!
No experience is necessary.  Held in home and also at Platform in Mt. Pleasant.


90 Minutes


Each month I offer classes focusing on special areas.  The monthly specialty classes rotate and include:

Back Care

Hips and Shoulder Release

Pranayama and Meditation

Flow and Stretch 





Now streaming and recording anywhere +  In Studio Classes


My classes and events are Gentle Flow, Restorative, Flow and  Stretch, Yin, Yoga for Teens and Meditation/Mindfulness.  The times range from 30-90 minutes and are open to all levels of practitioners. I am currently teaching in Zoom, recording classes and offering drop in, subscriptions and class passes.   I also offer scheduled in person small group classes and  private sessions by appointment to get you started or to work through any individual requests.  

You can begin signing up in January using the Link below to my Momence app!  This will have my class schedule and signup registration, along with my recordings.

See below for the link.


Drop in or Pass Discounts

Yoga Classes at my home studio on Daniel Island

Chakra Balancing -- Bolster Bliss

February 9 @ 11:45-1:00 at PlatformCHS/Mt. Pleasant

Here are sample classes and schedules.  To sign up for in home studio classes, use MOMENCE and to sign up for Special Events/Meditation, sign up with Platform/CHS apps.

Monday 5:00-6:00

Yoga Mindful Movement for Every Body!

Explore Your Yoga practice at your own pace and ability.  This is an all-levels class that will be open to Every Body.  Gain strength, balance, flexibility and most of all leave with a calm and focused mind.  Pranayama and meditation will be a part of this class.

Monday 9:30-10:30 

Wednesday 9:30-10:30 (in-studio)

Gentle Flow and Restorative

Gentle Flow renews and restores your mind, body and spirit with simple asana flows and breathing patterns.  Flow helps build awareness between the three elements of the body, mind and breath.  This practice centers, balances, and aligns with easy asanas and modifications.  These simple movements help release stress and tensions from the body and mind while increasing flexibility and strength.  We end in a restorative pose.  This is open to all levels.


Monday-Friday by Appointment

Private Sessions in Studio or in Zoom

If you wish to meet in person, I am available to create a practice that helps you achieve your intentions.  I will also create a video for you to practice while not in the studio!

If you wish to meet privately in zoom, I will “coach” you through your practice by observations and feedback based on your intentions.  

Mindful Yin

This practice encourages longer held asanas with the intention to stretch and extend muscles/fascia with focused breathing techniques. As we hold the poses, our body and mind surrenders to gravity and letting go.  This practice is great for those who are naturally tight and want some release.  This practice is mat based; no standing postures.


Mindful Flow

A slow flow incorporating sun salutations and a bit of challenging asanas. Great for those who like to move and improve strength and balance.  If you wish to enhance your practice and move your body, this is a great practice. Modifications and pose breakdowns are offered.

Mindful Flow + Balance

A slow flow incorporating sun salutations with warrior flows and a focus on balancing.  Great for those who like to move and improve strength and balance.  If you wish to enhance your practice and move your body, while gaining balance and core strength, this is a great practice. Modifications and pose breakdowns are offered.


Restorative Bliss + Meditation

A gentle class that is simply restorative and great for those who want the benefits of yoga without stressing the body.  You can be healing an injury or you can just want some internal Bliss.  This is mat based, no standing postures, and we use props--bolster, block, strap, Ravi, blanket.  Class begins in a seated meditation and ends the same way.

30 Days of Unlimited Recordings of previous classes $30

Drop In Rates for In-Studio Sessions:

$20 Class (60 minutes)

$60 Private Sessions (60 minutes)

Private Sessions can be privately recorded upon request

Sign up with the Momence Link below, or contact me directly via text or email using my contact form!  

Now available:  Momence App for your phone to sign up for classes and watch pre-recorded classes

Pilates Stretches


Private sessions may be arranged by calling or emailing to set up a time and date to start your yoga journey.  Available for new-to-yoga,  practitioners or yogis with special needs or conditions.   

I will meet your body and mind where they are...on the mat!

Meditation Class


Surrender to Your Mat

My Slow Flow class is a welcome and much-needed break from the stress and speed of day to day life. Grab a mat, don’t forget your water bottle, and relax into a soothing sequence that will leave you feeling centered and renewed.

"Care deeply, give freely, think kindly, act gently, and be at peace with the world."     


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